Welcome to PuppyCanva!

PuppyCanva knows how much you love your pets. You’re crazy about your fur babies. One look at their sweet face and your heart melts like butter. Like you, we love pets more than anything else. ( What's better than having a pet? Having a lot of pets! ) 


Cute Dog


We are a group of proud pet owners who are delighted to see the passionate bond you share with your pets. By offering you one-of-a-kind pet portraits with you participating in the creating process, we are committed to providing you with an unmatched shopping experience. We want you to wag and purr throughout the journey!


PuppyCanva was established in 2020 in the hope of bringing happiness to people in such a difficult time. And what is the perfect cure for sadness? That's right, our lovely fur babies! And just like that, PuppyCanva was born. 


Cute ginger cat


Thank you for choosing us, we're on a mission to bring joy to everyone around us. Your support is what keep us going :)