What to do if an unleashed dog attacks my dog?

This is one of the most difficult situations to deal with for any pet owner, but we have to deal with it no matter what, because although we have control over our dog, we don't have control over wild dogs or unleashed dogs from other pet owners.

Here's some tips to help you with the situation should it happen. 


1. Plan in advance

We have to have a mental plan in case that ever happens. If you don't think about it before it happens, then, when it really happens, you will panic and probably do silly things. The consequences can be severe if you mishandle the situation. It could end up your dog/the other dog being injured or even get killed, could cost you expensive vet bills, could make you hurt if you try to step in while they are fighting, or could bring you lawful consequences.

Think about different scenarios that might happen before bringing your dog out. Tap into YouTube and see how professionals will handle the situation. Learn the skills necessary to avoid any injury when the fight is likely to happen, including yourself.


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2. Choose a safe route

You want to choose a route that does not have roaming dogs/unleashed dogs. Make sure you have walked the road several times to ensure that no roaming dogs are near before you bring your dog out. Stick to trusted routes and avoid any sketchy area.

3. Bring some treats with you

Bring a small bottle of treats when you walk your dog. If there are dogs walking nearby who look aggressive, get ready to use the treats. Throw treats in the direction of the approaching dog when necessary – who wants to fight when there is delicious food on the ground?

4. Stand in front of your dog in case a fight is about to break out

If the treat trick fails and the other dog is still approaching you, stand in front of your dog and shout “go away!” to the other dog loudly. Repeat the yelling several times. Usually the other dog will be surprised to see a human enforce a boundary this way and will walk away.

5. Bring a pet corrector or pepper spray

Other than bringing a bottle of treats when walking your dog, you also want to bring a bottle of “pet corrector” and/or dog pepper spray. The “pet corrector” can make hissing sounds that dogs hate. It can deter the approaching dog. The pepper spray is an even more powerful weapon, but it is not allowed to use in some places. Check your local law before you buy one.


In the worst case, if you don't have any sprays with you and the two dogs fight, you should let your dog's leash off and let them fight. Then, try to grab the hind legs of the other dog and pull him up and off from your dog. Warning: you may get bitten or attacked in the process. Immediately throw the other dog to the side if you can and gain control of you dog once they are separated. Hopefully, the other dog's owner will step in and help at this point.


Always spend some time to think about the different scenarios of an unleashed dog attack. Write down how you will react to each situation and remember it firmly. Always seek help from professional if you don't know what you should do in each situation.



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