8 Ways To Get A Cat To Like You

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Getting along well with a dog is just a piece of cake for many owners. You don't have to have skills to make them like you. Just throw them a couple treats, and they will make friends with your right away. However, when it comes to getting a cat to like you, the story is very different.

Cats have been living near us for thousands of years, but we've only been breeding them for about two to three hundred years. Compared to dogs, they are still wild animals. That's why we need to use the correct "language" to talk to cats to win them over. If your cat didn't like you the first time your met them, don't take it personally. Cats love to ignore people. Below are 8 ways to help you bond with your cat

1.Don't approach cats the first time your see them

Unlike dogs who like to smell new stuff and make friends with everybody, most cats don't like unfamiliar scents and unfamiliar people. If you meet any cat for the first time, chances are some of the cats will run away. So the first tip is don't approach the cats the first time your see them, let them approach you when they want to. Give them time to observe you, let them figure out what the hack this piece of moving furniture is. Once they feel comfortable around you and don't see you as a threat, they will come to you.

2. Know cat's language

Knowing cat's language is crucial. Cats are cats.They are not humans. To communicate with them successfully, we must learn their language. Learn how cats express themselves in the video below before interacting with a cat.

3. Don't shove your hands in cats' face

Don't shove your hand in the cat's face when you want to touch them. Instead, hang out you hand and let the cat come to you and sniff your hand. If the cat has been around you for a while and is comfortable with you, you can try to scratch him a little bit. If he likes it, congratulations! If he doesn't, just be patient, let the cat take the lead and don't force anything.


4. Know safe petting areas and avoid dangerous zones

Normally, the safe areas to pet a kitty are areas behind the ears, or the base of the tail. Warning: Belly rub is a trap. Don't try to touch the belly of any cat the first time you meet them. Even after the cat becomes friends with you, they might still don't allow you to touch their belly. You might get bitten if you throw this caution to the wind.

5. Give the cat plenty of space

Cats are very territorial animals. Never corner a cat. Imagine you were the cat, and a giant monster was cornering you, what would you feel? Scared, right? You would feel offended and scared. Cornering a cat is a big no-no. Also,  don't block their paths, don't block their exits. Give them plenty of space. They hate it when you "intrude" their territory or hindering their movements.

6. Don't stare at cats' eyes for too long

Even if they are so cute that you can't take your eyes off them, don't stare at the cat right in the eyes for too long . Instead, give them slow blinks and smiles to show that you're relaxed and not a threat to them.

7. Get your cat in hunting mode

Laser toys, wand toys with feather attached, and fish toys are all very good objects for them to "hunt". When they're in hunting mode, they will be so focused on catching the "prey" and forget to be scared of you. If you use a laser toy, point the laser at different parts of the room, be it high or low, in a box or under a couch, cats love this game very much. It prompts them to use their instincts to catch prey and exercise them. Don't get them discouraged by not being able to catch the laser point "prey". Point the laser to a small piece of treat so they'll get rewarded.

8. Entice them with treats

Not all cats crave food as much as dogs do. Some cats have special tastes and will only approach you if you give them treats in certain flavors. You'll have to figure out what treats they like. Below are some cat treats worth considering, let your cat try a little bit of everything and see what treats they like the most!




The things cats do may be weird to us, but what we do are weird to them, too! To let them develop affinity for us, we must learn their " language". Put yourself in the cat's perspective, don't be frustrated if cats don't come close to you as  dogs would, be patient and one day they will accept you.

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